Taller musical retablo

Taller Musical Retablo

Taller Musical Retablo is a group of Puerto Rican musicians that performs traditional and indigenous folk music. It performs in traditional style, using instruments such as the Puerto Rican cuatro, the tiple doliente, the guitar, the güiro, bongo drums and kettle drums, as well as other musical instruments. Its varied repertoire includes traditional forms such as the seis, the aguinaldo, the danza, the plena, the mazurca, the guaracha, salsa jíbara, and many original pieces.

The group was organized in 1983 to accompany the Ballet Folclórico Retablo Puertorriqueño and to display and perform indigenous music. The musicians that make up the group come from the urban area and are known for their variety of musical experience. Salsa orchestras, university music groups and new ballad groups are among some of the influences that have left their mark on those who perform this traditional rural folk music.

Their recordings are Canto a mi Tierra (1992), En Jíbaro y Tropical (1997) and Vuelvo a mi Estrella (2003).

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Original source: Francisco Marrero Ocasio, Los instrumentos de cuerda en Puerto Rico, 2003. CD Vuelvo a mi Estrella. Taller Musical Retablo.

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Published: September 12, 2014.

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