The Rosicrucian Order AMORC is an initiation organization that has been operating in Puerto Rico since 1917. At that time, it provided an introduction to philosophies and ways of thinking that were liberal for the era and were presented as alternatives to conventional ways of seeing reality. This involved the emergence of new mystical and ideological ideas on the island, such as Spiritism, Santeria, Freemasonry, and Rosicrucianism.

The organization is attached to the Hispanic Grand Lodge of AMORC, located in Mexico, and it, in turn, is attached to the Supreme Grand Lodge of AMORC, which is currently located in France. At the international level, the order is known by its Latin name, Antiquus Mysticusque Ordo Rosae Crucis and consists of men and women interested in their spiritual development and contributing to the betterment of humanity.

Some date its philosophical development and its existence to the mystical traditions of ancient Egypt, and others to documentary evidence found in Europe in the 17th century. Its teachings are not limited to theory, but also include practical exercises to develop the various faculties of all humans. They believe that the majority of humanity has not yet developed these abilities. Therefore, they assert that Rosicrucian teachings constitute a philosophy and a way of life that will change the world’s perceptions and the behavior of its initiates, who learn the teachings and incorporate them into their daily lives.

Currently, the order is represented in Puerto Rico by what is known as a Rosicrucian lodge, which in turn is subdivided into two centers or chapters that conduct activities. One of these is located in the metropolitan area: the Rosicrucian Light Cultural Center of AMORC. The second is located in Ponce and is called the Akhnaton Rosicrucian Cultural Center of AMORC. Like all initiation organizations, new members go through an initiation ceremony that gives them access to information that is shared internally among the members of the organization and will allow them to participate in activities that are restricted to members of the group.

Rosicrucianism is dedicated to studying and researching human nature, from the universal laws to the relationship humans have with God. Toward this goal, the centers carry out a variety of activities, such as conferences, talks, movies, documentaries and group meditation. Most of these activities are free and open to the general public, especially those developed with the support of the Council of Solace, the order’s spiritual aid committee.

The Rosicrucian Order is not considered a secret nor a religious organization and it does not maintain loyalty to any religious doctrine or dogma. Its members may belong to various religious denominations without interference from the order. However, some of the teachings of the organization can contradict the dogma of some religions.

The organization proclaims itself to be an entity that deeply respects freedom of thought and action, which is why it does not believe in dogma or doctrines that impose ideas that are considered absolutes or unquestionable. They encourage personal analysis of all the instruction received. They encourage their members repeatedly to corroborate for themselves the teachings they receive and take nothing for certain just because it comes from a book or official document, not even those from the order itself.

The program of instruction is developed by levels. There are twelve levels organized in a progressive form that promote the development of different areas of the person and the qualities and skills that exist in the form of potential in the human mind. In the educational program, each member individually studies a series of teachings that are sent quarterly, either cybernetically or by mail. It is a very individualized process. However, active members have the opportunity to be initiated in local lodges and meet periodically to share reflections and discussions with other members on the topics addressed in the instructional monographs.

The Rosicrucian Order AMORC is an organization that, since its beginnings, has promoted gender equality, without questioning whether women should or could be part of the membership. By focusing on the development of humanity as a whole, the Rosicrucians consider it difficult, if not impossible, to work for the common good without including women in that work.

The Rosicrucian order in Puerto Rico is a fraternal, cultural and mystical organization that works against ignorance, superstition and fanaticism. They focus on promoting the development and evolution of humanity by encouraging the potential abilities that every human being possesses.


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