Roberto Ramos Perea

Roberto Ramos Perea

Roberto Ramos-Perea is a playwright, actor, stage director, journalist, researcher, and theater critic. One of its founders, he serves as General Director of the Archivo nacional de teatro y cine [National Stage and Film Archives] of the Ateneo Puertorriqueño and also of the Ateneo’s Conservatorio de arte dramático [Conservatory of Dramatic Arts]. He has received awards for several of his plays, including Revolución en el Infierno (Casa de las Américas, Cuba, 1981); Los 200 No (Teatro DUO Theatre, New York, II Festival de la Nueva Sangre, 1983); and Módulo 104 (National Drama Award, PEN Club of Puerto Rico, 1987). He also received the Premio Bolívar Pagán (the National Award for Journalism) in 1987 and again in 1992. Also, his book Teatro Secreto won the Second Prize for the best published work of 1995, from the Institute of Puerto Rican Literature of the University of Puerto Rico.

Ramos-Perea was born in Mayagüez, Puerto Rico, on August 13, 1959. He studied drama and acting at the National Institute of Fine Arts in Mexico City and later continued his studies at the University of Puerto Rico.

His published works include a collection of short stories, Sangre de niño (1976); El mensaje del extraño (1986), and two volumes of essays entitled Perspectiva de la Nueva Dramaturgia Puertorriqueña (1989) and Teatro Puertorriqueño Contemporáneo 1982-2003 (2003).

In December of 1992, Ramos-Perea received the Tirso de Molina Award for his play Miénteme más [Lie to Me Some More]. Given by the Instituto de Cooperación Iberoamericana of Madrid, Spain, the prestigious Tirso de Molina is the highest honor awarded in the world to Spanish-speaking playwrights. Miénteme más premiered and was published in Spain. In that same competition, another Ramos-Perea play, Morir de Noche [To Die by Night], was among the six finalists for the award. Morir de Noche was chosen as the Best Puerto Rican Play of 1996 by the Círculo de Críticos de Teatro de Puerto Rico [Circle of Puerto Rican Drama Critics] and has been staged in Havana, Cuba and Guadalajara, Mexico. His play Besos de Fuego was first runner-up in the 2002 competition of the Teatro de Los Hermanos Machado in Seville, Spain.

He wrote and directed the Puerto Rican films Callando amores (1996), Revolución en el Infierno (2004), and Después de la Muerte (2005). In his role as a theatrical historian he has written Historia de la Nueva Dramaturgia Puertorriqueña and Manuel Alonso Pizarro y el teatro de los artesanos puertorriqueños negros.

Ramos-Perea is the editor of two magazines in the field of drama, the Revista de Teatro Intermedio de Puerto Rico and the Boletín del Archivo Nacional de Teatro y Cine del Ateneo; he is also a founder and past president of the Sociedad Nacional de Autores Dramáticos [National Society of Drama Writers].

Author: Profa. Gilda Orlandi
Published: September 03, 2014.

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