Punta de las Figuras Lighthouse

Punta de las Figuras Lighthouse

The Punta de las Figuras lighthouse is located southeast of the town of Arroyo. It was built in 1893 to protect the maritime commerce of the ports of Arroyo and Patillas. Originally, it was a fifth-order lighthouse, which illuminated a distance of 12 miles. The white-light lantern was fixed.

The lighthouse structure consists of a rectangular building from which rises the octagonal tower. It is built of stone and brick in neo-classical style. It has a frieze or decorative horizontal border made up of alternating circles and squares that surrounds the structure and ends in a simple cornice and parapet, an ornamental detail not present in the island’s other lighthouses. The spiral stairway of the tower is made of forged iron. The lantern measures 1.6 meters (5.25 feet) in diameter and was made of forged iron, copper and glass.

This lighthouse has not been in service since 1938, the year in which the structure was abandoned. However, it was used as an observation point during World War II.

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Original source: Catalog of properties, National Register of Historic Sites, State Office of Historic Conservation, Office of the Governor, 1995.


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Published: September 04, 2014.

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