Puerto Ferro lighthouse

Puerto Ferro lighthouse

The Ferro Port lighthouse is located on the south coast of the island of Vieques on Verdiales Key point. This fifth-order lighthouse, whose light reaches 12 miles, is very similar to the one at Mulas Point on the north coast of this island municipality. It was used to guide ships through the dangerous Vieques Passage. It was one of the last lighthouses built by the Spanish government.

The structure, built in neo-classical style, has an octagonal tower located in the center of the rectangular building. Like the majority of the Puerto Rican lighthouses built by the Spanish government, the structure has two bedrooms divided by a vestibule. The cylindrical lantern was made of forged iron, copper, and glass and projected a white light that rotated each six minutes. A forged iron balustrade surrounded the exterior gallery of the tower.

The lighthouse was in use until 1926, when it was abandoned. Today, it is in very poor condition.

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Original source: The Lighthouse System of Puerto Rico, 1846-1979. State Office of Historic Conservation.


The Lighthouse System of Puerto Rico, 1846-1979. Oficina Estatal de Conservación Histórica, Oficina del Gobernador 1995.

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Published: September 04, 2014.

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