Walter Rodney

Walter Rodney Prominent historian and political activist in Guyana who was assassinated in 1980. Walter Rodney was born in Georgetown, Guyana, on March 23, 1942, in a working class family. After his early education, he won a scholarship to study at Queen’s College. At Queen’s, Rodney stood out both academically and in sports and debate. [...]

Water Pollution due to Solid wastes

Water Pollution due to Solid Wastes in the Greater Caribbean Region Río en Puerto Príncipe, Haití Serious problems of water pollution and a constant increase in solid wastes exist in the greater Caribbean region. Water pollution, including contamination of the sea, is usually caused by industrial discharges, the emission of untreated used household water, runoff (urban and [...]

We Have Lost the Discontent in Culture

We Have Lost the Discontent... in Culture - page 1 Cover of Puerto Rico en el mundo The relationship between na­ture and culture, the actions of nature and man, has determined philosophical thought for centu­ries as the definition of that which is human, of scientific thought as the taming of nature for human benefit, and [...]

Weber Sicot

Weber Sicot Great Haitian musician who created cadence rampa, as well as helping Nemours Jean-Baptiste create the konpa dirèk or compas direct style of music. Sicot is recognized for his immense musical talent, both as a performer (alto and tenor saxophone, trumpet, bass, flute and percussion) and for having been an orchestra director and composer. [...]

Whales off Puerto Rico Coasts

Whales off Puerto Rico Coasts During spring, whales can be seen in the waters off Rincón, Puerto Rico. (Courtesy María Calixta Ortiz) Introduction In waters near our shores, strange and melodic sounds can be heard during certain times of the year. It is the singing of whales that visit the island. Some of them are [...]

What unites us vs. what separates us

There is More to Pull Us Together than to Pull Us Apart Cover of Puerto Rico en el mundo The globalized world at the beginning of the twenty-first century has turned traditional notions of national sovereignty and in­ternational relations obsolete, thus opening interesting areas of experimentation with supra­national structures of shared sovereignties. A transforma­tion of [...]

White-Collar Crime

White-Collar Crime Cover of Puerto Rico en el mundo Our popular culture tends to disas­sociate white-collar crimes from the phenomena of criminality. This tolerance is sustained by the assump­tion that these types of social violations, in general, do not constitute violent acts and are committed by decent people in moments of weakness. The current penal [...]

Why do you write?

Why do you write? - page 1 Luis Rafael Sánchez, Humanist of the year 1996: Poster mady by the artist Ángel Vega. (Fundación Puertorriqueña de las Humanidades) My literary vocation, my way of facing it, my cycles of creative euphoria or penitentiary silence, are usually questioned beyond what I can reasonably answer. As if those [...]

William Gilbert Demas

William Gilbert Demas William Gilbert Demas A Caribbean economist who specialized in development issues. William Gilbert Demas was born in Trinidad and Tobagoin 1929. In 1948, he won a scholarship to study at Emmanuel College in Cambridge, England where he earned a masters degree in arts and letters. From 1955 to 1957, he was a [...]

Wilson Harris

Wilson Harris Wilson Harris Writer and poet from Guyana. He is also known as a formidable essayist. Harris’s literary style is the topic of endless debate, because he breaks all the usual boundaries. For many, the result is that his work is confusing and often breaks all the rules. Unquestionably, he is recognized for his [...]