U.S. Invasion of Dominican Republic

The U.S. Invasion of the Dominican Republic Dominican faces American soldier, 1965 In 1898, while U.S. and Spanish troops fought in an uneven combat to obtain sovereignty and control over the Caribbean, the then-young Dominican Republic declared itself neutral in these important international events. Far from being uninterested in the Spanish-American War, the reality was [...]

Umpierre, Luz María

Biografía Luz María Umpierre Known for her academic contributions to the field of Puerto Rican Studies, her writings as a poet and literary critic, and her advocacy work in the areas of human rights, education, and health, Umpierre’s multiple professional activities are aimed at confronting the different sources of opression—ethnic, racial, social, and sexual—experienced by [...]

United States of America

United States of America - page 1 Cover of Portada Puerto Rico en el mundo The United States emerged as a country, a nation, under the symbol of liberalism. The values of the European En­lightenment, which matured dur­ing the 18th century, served as an ideological base for the fight for independence against the English monarchy [...]

University of Puerto Rico

University of Puerto Rico The emblematic tower The University of Puerto Rico was the first university founded in Puerto Rico. Throughout its history, the university has played a fundamental role in forming the island’s professional and intellectual class. Today, it consists of 11 campuses located around the island. The university’s origins date to 1899 when the Island Board [...]

UPR Department of Drama

Departamento de drama de la Universidad de Puerto Rico Teatro Rodante from the University of Puerto Rico The Department of Drama at the University of Puerto Ricohas exercised great influence on theater education in Puerto Rico through its graduates. From its beginnings in 1941, this unit of the College of Humanities, at the Río Piedras [...]

Urban Geography of the Caribbean

Urban Geography The Malecón of Havana The urban geography of the Caribbean is marked by ongoing growth in the cities, in contrast to population loss in rural areas. More than 65% of the population in the region is classified as "urban." There is considerable variation in terms of population and urban zones in the region. [...]

Urban population, 1493-1960

The Urban Population of Puerto Rico, 1493-1960 During the first three centuries of the Spanish regime, population movements in Puerto Rico were characterized by the centrifugal tendencies of colonization, that is, by the continual emigration from already established populated areas to new places of development. So population growth in that period was accompanied by a multiplication of populated areas, [...]

Utuado Municipality

General Information Caonillas lake Utuado was founded in 1739. It is known as the "City of the Viví" and the town of "The Highlanders." Its patron saint is San Miguel Arcángel. The municipality’s territory covers an area of 299 square kilometers (115 square miles). It consists of the sectors of: Utuado Pueblo, Angeles, Arenas, Caguana, Caníaco, Caonillas [...]