Rafael Hernández

Rafael Hernández Rafael Hernández Represents the first half of the 20s Century ideal of the Puerto Rican professional musician. Rafael Hernández's repertoire covered all of the popular forms of music in the Spanish-speaking Americas. Rafael Hernández Marín was born in 1892 in the Tamarindo sector of the city of Aguadilla, Puerto Rico. He began his [...]

Rafael M. Labra High School / Museum of Contemporary Art

Santurce / San Juan: Escuela Superior Rafael M. Labra / Museo de Arte Contemporáneo Rafael María Labra School / Contemporary Art Museum The Rafael M. Labra High School, located in Santurce, a sector of the municipality of San Juan, was one of the institutional structures built by the United States government as part of its [...]

Ramón Emeterio Betances

Ramón Emeterio Betances Alacán (Cabo Rojo, April 8, 1827-Paris, September 16, 1898) was an intellectual, scientist and activist of the 19th century. He was the son of Dominican immigrants tied to the world of the sugar plantations and trade in the western region of Puerto Rico. During his childhood in Mayagüez, he was educated by […]

Ramón Oviedo

Ramón Oviedo Ramón Oviedo Ramón Oviedo is the most important painter from the Dominican Republic. He was born in the Dominican province of Barahona. Oviedo’s formal studies in the visual arts were few. He confessed that his artistic education was based on having continuously attended museums and exhibits. He did study cartography and photogravure in [...]

Ramón Power in the Cortes of Cadiz, 1810-1813

Ramón Power in the Cortes of Cadiz (1810-1813) Ramón Power y Giralt In 1810, the Consejo de Regencia, which headed the Spanish state, then at war against the French invaders, called upon the colonies in the Americas to send representatives to the Cortes Extraordinarias (Extraordinary Legislative Assembly) which were to be held as a constituent [...]

Ramón Power y Giralt House, San Juan

Ramón Power y Giralt House, San Juan Ramón Power y Giralt House The Ramón Power y Giralt House was the home of the famous historical figure who was the first Puerto Rican representative to the Spanish Cortes (1810). Representing Puerto Rico, he lobbied for political, economic, and social reforms for the island. The residence exemplifies [...]

Ramos Antonini, Ernesto

Ramos Antonini, Ernesto Ernesto Ramos Antonini Lawyer, politician, legislator and labor leader. He was co-founder of the Popular Democratic Party, as well as the author of various laws that created the three public schools on the island that specialize in music, the symphonic orchestra of Puerto Rico, and the Conservatory of Music. He was born [...]

Ramos Escobar, José Luis

Ramos Escobar, José Luis José Luis Ramos Escobar Ramos-Escobar is a versatile and prolific Puerto Rican writer and playwright, who has directed several plays and written television scripts. He has a significant body of plays and has received many awards, including the National Drama Award in 1999 for ¡Puertorriqueños? and the Best Production of the [...]

Ramos Otero, Manuel

Ramos Otero, Manuel Manuel Ramos Otero Short story writer, novelist, poet and professor, he was part of the 1960s and 1975 generations. He was known mostly for his work in the genre of the short story, but he also wrote an experimental novel following the trends of the Latino American boom. His books opened the door to a new [...]

Ramos Perea, Roberto

Ramos Perea, Roberto Roberto Ramos Perea Roberto Ramos-Perea is a playwright, actor, stage director, journalist, researcher, and theater critic. One of its founders, he serves as General Director of the Archivo nacional de teatro y cine [National Stage and Film Archives] of the Ateneo Puertorriqueño and also of the Ateneo’s Conservatorio de arte dramático [Conservatory [...]