P. H. Hernández, José

P. H. Hernández, José Busto en honor a José P.H. Hernández Modernist poet whose work presents romantic lyrical elements. José P. H Herndez wrote about themes of love, nature and death. Archaic terms, neologisms, hyperbole and nine-syllable meter were commonly used in his poetry. José Polonio Hernández Hernández was born in Hatillo on May 22, 1892. He completed his [...]

Padilla de Sanz, Trina

Padilla de Sanz, Trina La hija del Caribe Prose writer and poet with modernist tendencies whose pseudonym was The Daughter of El Caribe. She was also a pianist and an educator. She was known for her musical and literary gatherings. She was also a fervent activist on behalf of the rights of Puerto Rican women. trina Padilla [...]

Padín Rodríguez, José

Padín, José José Padín Instruction commissioner at the center José Padín was an educator, public servant and essayist. After a long career as a teacher and an employee of the Department of Public Education, he was named commissioner of education, a post he held from 1930 to 1937. During his incumbency, a linguistic-educational policy was [...]

Paleobotanical Analysis of Starch Particles

Paleobotanical Analysis of Starch Particles Micrographs of starch granules. Studies are currently being done that extract particles of starches from archaeological tools to learn which plants were used by inhabitants of the Caribbean and where those plants came from. The science that identifies the various plants managed by indigenous societies and their uses is known [...]

Palés Matos, Luis

Palés Matos, Luis Tuntún de pasa y grifería Luis Palés Matos was a poet and essayist of the Generación del Treinta (1930s Generation). He was considered one of the first interpreters of Afro-Antillean poetry, through which he tries to rescue the African element in the Puerto Rican culture. Palés was born in Guayama in 1898, the son of romantic poets [...]

Paoli Marcano, Antonio

Paoli, Antonio Antonio Paoli Operatic tenor known as the "Lion of Ponce," the "Tenor of the Kings" and the "King of the Tenors." He was the first Puerto Rican artist to achieve international fame in the field of high-culture music, debuting in the Paris Opera Theater in 1899 in the opera Guillermo Tell by Gioacchino [...]

Parliamentary and Presidential Systems

Parliamentary and Presidential Systems There are two forms of organizing a state’s political institutions as a democracy. The more common one is the parliamentary system and the other, which exists in the United States, and by extension in Puerto Rico, is the presidential system. In the parliamentary system, general elections are held to choose the [...]

Patillas Municipality

General Information Patillas Artificial Lake Patillas is located on the southeast coast of Puerto Rico and has an area of 122.4 square kilometers (47.27 miles). It is known as "The Emerald of the South" and "the Melons." According to the 2000 census there were 20,152 Patillenses living in sixteen wards: Pueblo, Apeadero, Bajo, Cacao Alto, [...]

Patron Saint Festivals

Patron Saint Festivals Picas Patron saint festivals are held annually in each of the municipalities to honor the town’s patron saint. They originated with the founding of the municipalities, which, under Catholic tradition, were devoted to a particular saint. Today, although they maintain their religious nature, they have also incorporated secular and folkloric characteristics, such [...]

Patron saint of each municipality

Patron Saints of the municipalities of Puerto Rico The patron saint festivals are tied to the founding of the towns and the Catholic religion practiced by the Spanish colonizers. Each town was founded under the devotion to a saint for which it was named. In honor of the patron saint, religious and secular festivals took [...]