Naguabo Municipality

General Information Villa del mar Castle Naguabo is located on the east coast of the island and measures 135 square kilometers (52 square miles). It is known as the town of "The Drenched" because of its numerous rivers and brooks, as well as the constant rain. It is also known as "The Birthplace of Stars" and "Diplo`s [...]

Naranjito Municipality

General Information Naranjito changos Naranjito is in the central eastern region of Puerto Rico. It is known as "The City of Colors" and the "Blackbird Town." According to the 2000 census, there are 29,709 Naranjiteño living in eight wards: Achiote, Anones, Cedro Abajo, Cedro Arriba, Guadiana, Lomas, Naranjito Pueblo, and Nuevo. The north coast of Puerto [...]

Narratives of Slavery, Criticism of Colonialism

Narratives of Slavery and Criticism of Colonialism Book cover of Juan Francisco Manzano, the poet slave Autobiography and other writings Narratives of slavery, which date back to before the 18th century, were a literary form created from the experiences of certain slaves during the colonial period. This literary form helped a great deal in promoting [...]

Nation State or Territorial State

Nation State or Territorial State Every square meter of habitable space on the Earth is under the jurisdiction of a nation state. The nation states, in other words, are also territorial states, in the sense that they exert their political power (sovereignty) over a defined territory. The terms are interchangeable and their use depends on [...]

National Identity in Puerto Rican Theater

National Identity in Puerto Rican Theater El olor del popcorn by José Luis Ramos Escobar Theater as a genre demands and also offers direct contact between the audience and the work that is being presented. Dramatic writing, therefore, has an immediate impact, though given the nature of the genre it is transitory. So the context [...]

Nationalism and Ideologies in the 19th Century

Nationalism and Ideology in the 19th Century Caribbean José Martí The 19th century in the Spanish Americas began with the wars of independence led by Simón Bolívar in Spain’s continental colonies. But the independence of the continental countries did not lead to independence for the Caribbean insular territories, and two of the three islands of the [...]

Nationalism and Literary Canons

Nationalism and the Formation of Literary Canons in the Caribbean Literature has played an important role in various stages of history, society and the individual. But above all it has served as a key tool in the formation of identities and nations, becoming a necessary point of reference for the culture, history and society. When [...]

Native Heritage and Puerto Rican Culture

Indian Contributions to Puerto Rican Culture Basket of harvested coffee In present-day Puerto Rican culture there are many objects in our daily life that come from our Indian heritage. These objects were adopted by Spaniards as well as black slaves, and have survived the passing of time, despite the disappearance of the Taínos as a [...]

Natural Antagonism of the Political

Background Cover of Puerto Rico en el mundo During the post Cold War period, after the fall of the Soviet Union, left-wing and right-wing utopias disappeared from the political field. Liberal democracy arose as the dominant form of organiz­ing the postindustrial State, to the extent of monopolizing the discourse of power struggles. In other words, [...]

Natural Resources

Natural Resources of Puerto Rico Construction at Punta Mata Redonda, cape located in Fajardo Natural resources are components found in nature to be used in benefit of human beings. Basic natural resources are rocks, minerals, soil, water, air, biodiversity and its habitat, and solar energy, among others. Effective management of our natural resources requires government [...]