La Perla Theater in Ponce

La Perla Theater Teatro La Perla La Perla is the second oldest active theater in Puerto Rico. Located between Mayor and Cristina Streets, the theater graces the very heart of the historic southern city of Ponce. The neoclassical design of the original structure was created by the Corsican architect Juan Bértoli Calderoni, who also supervised [...]

Labor Market Transformation

Labor Market Transformation - page 1 Cover of Puerto Rico en el mundo A fundamental aspect for the study of Puerto Rican economy is the relative contribution of each sector to production, income and employ­ment. Available statistics allow the analysis of the transformation of the labor market from a long term perspective, taking the sec­ond [...]

Labor Struggles and Unions in Puerto Rico

Labor Struggles and Unions in Puerto Rico Strike of sugar mill workers in 1947 The recognition of the rights of Puerto Rican workers is the product of many years of labor struggles, along with the development of the rule of law in Puerto Rico, and the adoption of US labor legislation. This process took shape [...]

Laguerre, Enrique

Laguerre, Enrique Enrique Laguerre Prominent writer who wrote novels, plays, short stories, essays and journalism. He was part of the 1930s generation that sought to define the national and Spanish-speaking cultural identity. His work laid the foundation for the new island novel. His literary work displays a concern for Puerto Ricans’ social conditions and their [...]

Lair, Clara

Lair, Clara Clara Lair Mercedes Negrón Muñoz, better known by her pseudonym, Clara Lair, was one of the most important Puerto Rican poets of the 20th century. She was part of Generación del Treinta (1930’s generation). Her lyric was of intimate style and the topics she worked with were love, eroticism, women, and death. Lair was born [...]

Lair, Clara: Her poetry

Lair, Clara:The poetry of Clara Lair Clara Lair Modernist Puerto Rican poet. She mainly wrote erotic and love poetry. Clara Lair first became known as a poet in 1937 with the release of her book Arras de cristal, a work that, given the styles and manners of the era, made its appearance fully formed, with no signs of the ups [...]

Lajas Municipality

General Information Lajas Valley The municipality of Lajas is situated in the southwest part of Puerto Rico. It is bordered on the north by the town of San Germán and slightly by Sabana Grande on the northeast, on the south by the Caribbean Sea, on the east by Guánica and on the west by Cabo Rojo. It is [...]

Language and Literature

Language and Literature Return to the previous page. Under the Language and Literature theme section you will find the overview essays, articles and multimedia galleries in reference to Puerto Rican Language and Literature. Author: Grupo Editorial EPRL Published: February 12, 2008.

Language of Puerto Rico

Language of Puerto Rico: Past and Present Poster of `Diálogos de la Lengua` sponsored by Academia Puertorriqueña de la Lengua Española The vernacular language of Puerto Rico is one of the basic components of the island’s culture. Given its capacity to survive over time, this language has also become a significant part of the collective identity. The Spanish spoken [...]

Language, Sign of Puerto Ricanness

Language as a Fundamental Sign of Puerto Ricanness - page 1 Manuel Álvarez Nazario According to those who have studied the relationship that exists between a people’s speech and the fundamental essence displayed by the instrument of expression that a nationality uses to communicate, language becomes, in basic ways, an honest and clear reflection of [...]