Jaime Colson

Jaime Colson Jaime Colson One of the most important Dominican painters of the 20th century. Jaime Antonio González Colson was born in Puerto Plata in 1901. In 1918, Colson studied at the Barcelona School of Fine Arts under the tutelage of painters Cecilio Pla y Gallardo, Julio Romero de Torres and Pedro Carbonell.From 1920 to [...]

Jan Gerard Palm

Jan Gerard Palm Jan Gerard Palm Known as the father of classical music in Curaçao. He was a renowned composer and instrumentalist (playing the organ, piano, clarinet, lute and mandolin) in addition to directing orchestras and military bands. Jan Gerard Palm was born on June 2, 1831 in Curaçao. He was the son of Cornelio [...]

Janer Soler, Felipe

Janer Soler, Felipe Janer building at University of Puerto Rico Educator and writer. He served as the first assistant rector of the University of Puerto Rico in 1903, as well as being a professor of the Spanish language and literature for the institution. He was the author of theatrical works, poetry and text books. He [...]

Janet Gibson

Janet Gibson Janet Gibson Marine biologist and zoologist from Belize. Janet Gibson is a key figure in the struggle to protect and conserve coastal and marine resources, particularly those related to the Belize coral barrier reef. The coast of her native Belize, a Caribbean country that borders Mexico to the north and west and Guatemala [...]

Jayuya Municipality

General Information The Tres Picachos The municipality of Jayuya was founded in 1911. It is known as the "High Ground," the "Town of the Tomato," the "Town of the Three Peaks," the "Indigenous Capital of Puerto Rico," the "Overlook of Puerto Rico" and the "Artisan Mecca." The autonomous municipality of Jayuya is located in the central [...]

Jazz Music and the Caribbean

Jazz and the Caribbean Poncho Sánchez and his band Jazz is the name of a form of music that arose in the black communities in the southern United States during the early 20th century and which was conceived from the beginning as a mixture of musical influences from various countries and cultures. But its deepest [...]

Jean La Rose

Jean La Rose Prominent environmentalist from Guyana, founder of the Amerindian Peoples Association. Jean La Rose is a native of the Arawak settlement of Santa Rosa in Guyana. She is director of the Amerindian Peoples Association (APA), an organization that she helped found, develop and lead. In the beginning, APA organized indigenous communities to oppose [...]

Jean Price Mars

Jean Price Mars Jean Price-Mars Considered one of the top defenders of Haitian culture and identity, Jean Price-Mars studied medicine in France and frequented discussions of racial issues in the Sorbonne, the Musée du Trocadéro and the College of France. He dedicated much of his life to ethnological and historical studies of the African origins [...]

Jean Rhys

Jean Rhys Jean Rhys Born on Dominica, Jean Rhys is considered by many to be one of the best novelists from this Caribbean island. Her literary work is a neat reflection of the sociopolitical context of her homeland and of the difficult life it created for women during the first half of the 20th century, [...]

Jean-Baptiste Chavannes

Jean-Baptiste Chavannes Chavannes Jean-Baptiste Haitian agronomist who founded the Peasant Movement of Papaye (MPP for its Creole acronym) to improve the living conditions of the rural population in his Caribbeancountry. Jean-Baptiste Chavannes is MPP´s executive director, anorganization that helps rural workers with problems of soil infertility. The organization also stimulates regional economic development through the [...]