Hacienda La Esperanza / Sugar mill

Hacienda La esperanza / Sugar mill Map of the sugar mill La esperanza Hacienda La Esperanza was one of the most advanced and prosperous sugar plantations in Puerto Rico during the second half of the 19th century. Currently, it is part of the Hacienda La Esperanza Nature Reserve, which consists of 2,778 cuerdas (2,697 acres) [...]

Hacienda Santa Rita, Guánica

Hacienda Santa Rita, Guánica Hacienda Santa Rita Hacienda Santa Rita in Guánica is a representative example of a 19th century sugar plantation. More than 1,800 cuerdas (1,750 acres) in size, it was one of the most prosperous sugar operations in the southern part of the island. Hacienda Santa Rita was built in 1800 by Mariano [...]

Harris, John Will

Will Harris, John John Will Harris John Will Harris was born on January 12, 1876, in Dripping Springs, Texas. In 1893, he converted to Presbyterianism and a year later he joined the Presbyterian Church in Cibolo, Texas. Shortly thereafter, he decided to dedicate himself to the ministry and he moved to Missouri to study at [...]

Harrisia Portoricensis (prickly pear)

Harrisia Portoricensis (prickly pear) Harrisia portoricensis (prickly pear) Family: Cactaceae Description The prickly pear is a columnar cactus without ramifications. It can reach a height of 6 feet and a diameter of 3 inches. The stem has between 8 and 11 longitudinal veins or creases separated by grooves. Its thorns are gray and range between [...]

Hatillo Municipality

General Information Mask Festivity Hatillo is located in northwest Puerto Rico, and measures 109 square kilometers (42 square miles). It is known as the "Capital of the Dairy Industry," "Hatillo of our Hearts," the "Land of the Green Fields," the "Town with no Soup" and "The Ranchers'' Town." According to the 2000 census, there are 38,925 hatillanos, living in ten [...]

Havelock R. Brewster

Havelock R. Brewster Havelock Brewster Havelock R. Brewster was born in Guyana in 1929 and is a citizen of Guyana and Jamaica. He studied economics at Durham University in the United Kingdom and at Dalhousie University in Canada. He is the Caribbean economist with the longest career in public service and international institutions. He was [...]

Haydeé Landing

Haydeé Landing Haydeé Landing Puerto Rican artist who has worked in the engraving field for several decades. She is also known as an important educator who has promoted the use of non-toxic materials in artistic compositions. Haydeé Landing Gordon was born in 1956, in Santurce, Puerto Rico. After earning her bachelor’s degree at the University [...]

Hazardous natural phenomena

Natural Hazards Hurricane Mitch, 1998 Natural hazards are the natural phenomenon to which a region is exposed, as well as the vulnerability of a society in resisting, facing and recovering from them. In this sense, the natural hazard combines the danger of the phenomenon with a society’s vulnerability in facing it. Although the Caribbean is [...]

Heavy and Semi-Heavy Industries (1965-1982)

The Period of Heavy and Semi-Heavy Industry (1965-1982) By the 1960s, the officials of the Industrial Development Company realized that they had to attract industries that would invest large sums of capital and required skilled or semi-skilled labor. The problems with industries that required little investment of capital and relied on a lot of labor [...]

Hernández Aquino, Luis: His Poetry

Hérnandez Aquino, Luis: The poetry of Luis Hernández Aquino Luis Hernández Aquino Luis Hernández Aquino was an outstanding poet, literary critic, linguist, anthologist, narrator and academic. He was part of the 1930s Generation. Poetry was his favored literary genre. His literary work consists of seven published and two unpublished books and more than 70 other poems. Among [...]