Gallego Otero, Laura

Gallego Otero, Laura Laura Gallego Otero Poet whose verses were part of the literary tradition of the 1940s and 1950s, which was characterized by an anguished and pessimistic view of the changes in the cultural, social and political orders that were taking place on the island. She was also known as an educator and essayist [...]

García Peraza, Juanita

García Peraza, Juanita Mita Leader and founder of Congregation Mita, the only protestant church of Puerto Rican origin and founded by a woman. She proclaimed herself to be the reincarnation of the Holy Spirit. As a preacher, she spread her religion to various Latin American countries and the United States. Today, her faithful believe that Mita still [...]

Gautier Benítez, José

Gautier Benítez, José José Gautier Benítez Leading exponent of the second era of romanticism in Puerto Rico. His poetry, influenced mainly by the Spanish poet Bécquer, is characterized by the subtlety of emotion in addressing themes of love, country and death. As a journalist, his writing was influenced by his liberal reformist ideals. José Gautier Benítez was born [...]

Gender Relations

Gender Relations in Puerto Rico Working women in the mid 20th century The different roles and functions established for men and women in our societies place them in relations of unequal power and resources. These unequal gender relations, however, are not unchanging and have been transformed throughout our history. The 20th century was a period [...]

Gender Relations and Families

Gender Relations and Families - page 1 Cover of Puerto Rico en el mundo The great social and economic changes of the 21st century have transformed the relationships between men and women. Education, employment and progress in women''s rights have encouraged more reduced family units. Migration to urban areas and to the United States, accelerated [...]

General Archive and National Library of PR

General Archive and National Library of PR General Archive (Fundación Puertorriqueña de las Humanidades) The General Archive and National Library of Puerto Rico is located in Puerta de Tierra, the neighborhood adjacent to Old San Juan. The historic building, which has had various uses over the years, was the last one built under the Spanish [...]

General overview of Caribbean cultures

General overview of Caribbean cultures There is no single Caribbean culture. To begin with, there are various Caribbean cultures. Referring to the Caribbean cultural heritage in a singular manner implies denial, though perhaps unintentional, of the diversity and heterogeneity of this part of the world. By analyzing the thousands of documentary, oral, pictorial and written [...]

Generation of 1945

Generation of 1945 After 1945, the United States was able to establish hegemony after the victory in World War II, the end of the Great Depression and the acceleration of globalization through industrialization and the construction of nuclear weapons. This boom period also brought with it sociopolitical tensions such as the Cold War with the Soviet Union, [...]

Generation of the 1980s

Generation of the 1980s As a literary group, the Generation of the 1980s arose in Puerto Rico from the disenchantment with the failed struggles of the previous decades of the 1960s and 1970s, which were characterized by great social and literary projects, class struggles and the counter discourse against that established by powerful interests and the authorities. [...]

Geography and Environment of the Caribbean Region

Geography and Environment of the Caribbean Region Geography is a science that is aimed a explaining the spatial distribution and describing the variation in location of phenomena and geofactors on the earth’s surface that affect humankind and, in turn, are affected by humankind. It is a reasoned study of the space in which we live [...]