Daniel Lind Ramos

Daniel Lind Daniel Lind One of the most emblematic Puerto Rican painters of contemporary Antillean art. His artwork has drawn emotional responses both on the island and at the international level. The human figure, especially the feminine, is a metaphor in the conception of his works. Since he began following his own path in painting [...]

Daphnopsis hellerana

Daphnopsis hellerana Daphnopsis hellerana Family: Thumelaeaceae Description Daphnopsis hellerana is a shrub or small tree that can reach 6 meters high and 5 centimeters in diameter. It is a dioecious species; that is, there are two types of plants: one that produces male flowers and another that produces female flowers. The flowers are very small, [...]

Dávila, José Antonio

Dávila, José Antonio José Antonio Dávila Outstanding poet and essayist, a member of the 1930s Generation. He inherited his love for poetry from his father, modernist poet Virgilio Dávila. His verses were intimist in nature and were characterized by neo-romantic elements. José Antonio Dávila was born in Bayamón, the son of poet and politician Virgilio Dávila, and began his studies [...]

Dávila, Jose Antonio: His Poetry

Dávila, Jose Antonio: His Poetry José Antonio Dávila The literary work of José Antonio Dávila (JAD) (1898 -1941) is known, above all, for the collection of books titled Vendimia (1939), for his Motivos de Tristán (1957), and for some individual poems that were widely read, such as, for example, "Carta de recomendación" and "Apóstrofe al verde." Lesser known, by [...]

Dávila, Virgilio

Dávila, Virgilio Virgilio Dávila Famous poet and politician. His poetry falls mainly within the Puerto Rican criollista movement with influences from modernism and romanticism and centers on the themes of rural customs and traditions. Virgilio Dávila was also mayor of Bayamón. He was born on January 28, 1869, in Toa Baja, the son of teachers. His early education was done under the tutelage of [...]

Davis, D. D. James P.

Davis, D. D. James P. San Juan Bautista Cathedral James P. Davis D. D was a catholic priest named bishop and later archbishop of San Juan. Various religious orders were introduced to the island during his time there. Along with the Bishop of Ponce, James E. McManus, he was the co-founder of the Catholic Pontifical [...]

De Arizmendi y de la Torre, Juan Alejo

De Arizmendi y de la Torre, Juan Alejo Juan Alejo de Arizmendi First Puerto Rican to be designated bishop of Puerto Rico. He was known for his conscientious and passionate approach to the administration of the church and the government of the island. Juan Alejo de Arizmendi was born in San Juan on July 17, [...]

De Burgos, Julia

De Burgos, Julia Julia de Burgos Julia de Burgos was one of Puerto Rico's most talented poets. Born in Carolina to a humble family on February 17, 1914. Julia Constancia Burgos García studied at the University of Puerto Rico and taught in the public schools of the island. Her first poems, published in 1937, were entitled Poemas exactos a mi [...]

De Burgos, Julia: Her books of Poetry

De Burgos Julia: Her three books of Poetry Poetry books of Julia de Burgos Various contrasts are apparent in the work of Julia de Burgos: the precociousness of her genius and the misfortune of destiny; the sense of humanity and of nature; the suffering of her country and her own existence. Depth and simplicity, the awareness [...]

De Burgos, Julia: Unfolding

De Burgos, Julia:The Unfolding of Self in the Poetry of Julia de Burgos Julia de Burgos Though some women had entered the Puerto Rican literary realm during the 19th century and the early 20th century, it was not until the 1920s and through the 1930s that a significant number of women writers appeared, including the [...]