Brief history of Track and Field in Puerto Rico

Brief history of Track and Field in Puerto Rico Rolando Cruz The sport of track and field consists of a set of sporting events based on the human being’s natural movement, particularly, walking, running, jumping, and throwing. In Puerto Rico, the development of track and field as an organized sport dates back to the beginning [...]

Brincos y saltos, course and book

Brincos y saltos, course and book Rosa Luisa Márquez Brincos y saltos –Leaps and Bounds– was the name given to a course in theatrical exercises designed by Rosa Luisa Márquez for the Department of Drama of the University of Puerto Rico in 1979. The purpose of the course was to stimulate the artistic talent of [...]

Buddhism in Puerto Rico

Buddhism in Puerto Rico Buddhism is considered a religion. The Judeo-Christian religious tradition that is so central to Puerto Rican culture, however, does not fully and precisely understand the Buddhist experience. Others have called Buddhism a philosophy. Certainly, in some of its schools of thought it has focused on a rigorous effort to understand existence. This [...]

Buxus vahlii (Vahl’s boxwood)

Buxus vahlii (Vahl’s boxwood) Family: Buxaceae Description This is a shrub or small tree that measures up to 15 feet high. Its leaves are 1½ inch long and ¾ of an inch wide. Plants of this species produce two types of flowers: masculine and feminine. Each plant has both types arranged so that a female [...]