Bats in Puerto Rico

Bats in Puerto Rico Bats What are bats? Bats are the only mammals with the ability to fly effectively. The elongation of its fingers and the development of a membrane between them ease its invasion of airspace. Some of them develop membranes between the hind legs that ease capturing their food (insects). Because of the [...]

Bayamón Municipality

General Information Late eighteenth century map The municipality of Bayamón is located in the north central area of Puerto Rico and has an area of de 115.1 square kilometers (44.4 square miles). It is known as the "pork rind city." According to the 2000 census, the total population was 224,044 bayamoneses. Bayamón has twelve wards: Bayamón Pueblo, Buena Vista, Cerro Gordo, Dajaos, Guaraguao Abajo, Guaraguao Arriba, Hato Tejas, [...]

Bayamón: Invención de la Santa Cruz Church

Bayamón: Invención de la Santa Cruz Church Invención de la Santa Cruz Parish The Invención de la Santa Cruz Church in the municipality of Bayamón is one of the oldest churches in Puerto Rico. It was in existence before 1770, when it was moved to the site where the municipality of Bayamón would be founded [...]

Beginning of Puerto Rican Literature

Brief Historic Overview of Puerto Rican Literature The beginnings of Puerto Rican literature occurred during the early decades of the 19th century as a form of expression by a people who became aware of their own existence. In other words, at that time, several writers that considered themselves Puerto Ricans or criollos arose, and what they wrote about [...]

Belaval Maldonado, Emilio S.

Belaval Maldonado, Emilio S. Cuentos para fomentar el turismo Short story writer, playwright, essayist and lawyer born in Fajardo on November 8, 1903. Belaval was part of the literary generation of the 1930s. He dedicated his life to promoting Puerto Rican culture and, through his theoretical and dramatic writings, the formation of an indigenous theatrical [...]

Beliefs and Ceremonialism in the Late Indigenous Societies of Puerto Rico

The Taino society was characterized by complex religious beliefs in the form of unique origin myths. The fact that we know this today is thanks to the writing of Ramón Pané, who compiled information on the indigenous people. He was the first European to learn the American languages, the first to write a book in […]

Benítez Rexach, Jaime

Benítez Rexach, Jaime Jaime Benítez, Humanist of the Year 1986 Educator, thinker, essayist and orator. Benítez was a leading administrator and played an important role in Puerto Rican higher education. In 1942, he became rector of the University of Puerto Rico. Under his direction, important university reforms took place and departments, schools, and graduate and [...]

Benítez, María Bibiana

Benítez, María Bibiana María Bibiana Benítez María Bibiana Benítez is known as the first female Puerto Rican poet. Her work, of neoclassical style, shows clear influence from Spanish writers Garcilaso de la Vega, Fray Luis de León, and Pedro Calderón de la Barca, as well as other peninsular poets of the time. Her work was [...]

Benítez, Wilfredo

Benítez, Wilfredo Wilfredo Benítez Wilfredo Benítez is a professional boxer who was crowned champion in three different weight categories, making him the first Latin American to achieve that feat. He is the youngest boxer in the history of professional boxing to win a world title. He was part of the first bout between two Puerto [...]

Benjamin Irving Rouse

Benjamin Irving Rouse Irving Rouse Archaeologist and botanist. He adapted the taxonomic methodology for classifying plants to the task of cataloging the collections of archaeological artifacts from Caribbean sites, thus developing one of the most important methodological advances in historical-cultural archaeology. His contributions to the discipline also included the development of theoretical-methodological approaches to studying [...]