Bad Times for Books

Bad Times for Books - page 1 Cover Puerto Rico en el mundo The West assists, with a rather diffuse anxiety, in the alienation of its literary culture. In mega bookstores, whose large sur­faces have practically made true booksellers disappear, one can find a large number of what could be called TV-books; volumes designed to [...]

Baldorioty de Castro, Román

Baldorioty de Castro, Román Román Baldorioty de Castro: Founded the Puerto Rican Autonomist Party. (Library of Congress) Educator, orator, writer and political figure who worked for autonomy for Puerto Rico and the abolition of slavery. He was a member of the Liberal Reformist Party, which he represented as a deputy in the Court of Cádiz. [...]

Balseiro, Áurea Mercedes “Puchi”

Balseiro, Áurea Mercedes "Puchi" Puchi Balseiro: One of the first woman to be a disc-jockey. Famed composer, singer, producer and host of radio and television programs. She is considered one of the island’s most outstanding composers of modern romantic music. She broke barriers in her field by being named one of the first female disc [...]

Banara vanderbilti (palo de Ramón)

Banara vanderbilti (palo de Ramón) Family: Placourtiaceae Banara vanderbilti (palo de ramón) (Courtesy of Palo de Ramón is a very rare shurb or small tree.It is only known in Puerto Rico. It is characterized by: (1) undulate, elliptical or lanceolate, dentate leaves, 1½ to 5 inches (4-13 cm) long and ⅝ to 2 inches [...]

Barbosa Alcalá, José Celso

José Celso Barbosa House-Museum José Celso Barbosa José Celso Barbosa was a physician and political leader known as the father of statehood in Puerto Rico. During the Spanish era, he was part of the republican branch of the autonomists, and after the change of sovereignty, he supported the idea of Puerto Rico becoming one of [...]

Barceloneta Municipality

General Information Natural Reserve Caño Tiburones The municipality of Barceloneta is located on the north coast of Puerto Rico and has an area of 48.5 square kilometers (18.7 square miles). It is also known as "The Industrial City" and "The Home Town of Sixto Escobar." The 2000 Census reported a population of 22,322 barcelonetences. The wards currently comprising Barceloneta are [...]

Barranquitas Municipality

General Information House- Museum Luis Muñoz Rivera Barranquitas is located in the central region of Puerto Rico and measures 86.7 square kilometers (33.5 square miles). The name of the town comes from the clayey ditches cut into the earth by running water, gullies that are called barrancas, the diminutive of which is barranquitas. The town is known as "the [...]

Baseball before and after 1898

Baseball in Puerto Rico before and after 1898 Front page from the newspaper El Liberal in February 1, 1898 Establishing the site, date and the participants of the first baseball game in Puerto Rico is no easy task. Historians agree – to the contrary of the general belief that the origins of baseball in Puerto [...]

Basics of the Political Field

Introduction Cover of Puerto Rico en el mundo Political matters appear in our daily lives as some- thing ordinary and concrete through specific situations and the actions of people and institutions. Their importance lies in the fact that these actions and situations deeply impact our lives because they condition the priorities of the country`s resources [...]

Basketball in Puerto Rico (1930-2000)

Brief history of basketball in Puerto Rico (1930-2000) Historic triumph of Puerto Rico against US basketball team at the Olympic Games 2004 The birth and development of Puerto Rican basketball is intertwined with the history of the Young Men’s Christian Association (YMCA), where many of the sports that came from the United States were played [...]