A Puerto Rican in New York: Jesús Colón

A Puerto Rican in New York: Jesús Colón Jesus Colón and his wife Concha The first time that I read about Puerto Rican writer Jesús Colón was in Borinquen (1974), an anthology of Puerto Rican literature edited by María Teresa Babín. Included in this anthology is a brief text by Jesús Colón, the only piece [...]

A Reconsideration of the African Influence

A Reconsideration of the African Influence in Caribbean Cultures Could anyone deny that the people brought from various geographic points of Africa, despite their enslavement, influenced the development of various cultures or the cultural configurations of the Caribbean? Frankly, that would be impossible. Nobody can deny the survival of the African presence in the Caribbean [...]

A Student before his Discipline

A Student before his Discipline - page 1 Luis Manuel Díaz Soler, Humanist of the Year 2000 Good evening, my friends. I am grateful for the distinction given to me by the Evaluation Board of the Puerto Rican Endowment for the Humanities, by granting me an award that, with equal or greater justice, has been [...]

Abolition of Slavery (1873)

Abolition of Slavery (1873) Freedmen at the beginnig of the 20th century: Family of free slaves. (Library of Congress of United States) It was on March 22, 1873, that the Spanish Cortes passed the law abolishing slavery in Puerto Rico. The decree freed a total of 29, 335 slaves, of both sexes, which was 5 percent [...]

Abolition of Slavery in the Caribbean

Abolition of Slavery in the Caribbean The abolition of slavery was a slow, gradual and uneven process throughout the Caribbean. After more than three centuries under an inhumane labor system in which millions of Africans from many places died in the fields and cities of the Caribbean, the process of abolition was the subject of serious [...]

About the Lighthouses of Puerto Rico

About the Lighthouses of Puerto Rico Lighthouse Plan: Development by the Central Lighthouse Commission in 1892. (Oficina de Preservación Histórica) Puerto Rico’s system of lighthouses consists of 15 lighthouses, most of which were built during the last 25 years of the 19th century. Their purpose was to serve as guides and protectors for the maritime [...]

About the Municipality: Past and Present

About the Municipality: Past and Present Santa Cruz church and City Hall beside (1912) For administrative purposes, the territory of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico is divided into municipalities. This territorial unit has been in use since the early-days of the Spanish colonization of Puerto Rico and was maintained after Spain ceded the territory to [...]

Acosta, José Julián

Acosta, José Julián José Julián Acosta was one of the organizers of the Liberal Reformist Party. Lawyer, teacher, writer and political leader. He was a delegate to the Spanish Courts representing the Liberal Reformist Party. He was also known for his abolitionist ideals. He left an important legacy to Puerto Rican historiography with his historical [...]

Ada Balcácer

Ada Balcácer Ada Balcácer Important Dominican artist and professor. Ada Balcácer was born in 1930 in San Juan de la Maguana but lived in Santo Domingo for many years. In 1951, she graduated from the National School of Fine Arts, under the direction of Gilberto Hernández Ortega, José Gausachs and Manolo Pascual. Later, Balcácer taught [...]

Adjuntas Municipality

General Information Casa Pueblo The municipality of Adjuntas is also know as the "City of the Sleeping Giant," the "Land of Lakes," and the "Switzerland of the Americas." It is bordered on the north by Lares and Utuado; on the south by Yauco, Guayanilla and Peñuelas; on the east by Utuado and Ponce; and on the [...]