Tricoche Hospital

Tricoche Hospital

The Albergue Caritativo Tricoche, a hospital located in the municipality of Ponce, was one of the buildings constructed by the Spanish colonial government at the end of the 19th century as part of a series of works to meet the needs of the poor residents of the city.

The Spanish Royal Corps of Engineers was in charge of the design and construction of the structure, which dates to 1878. Funds for the construction were donated by Valentín Tricoche, who stipulated in his will that the money should only be used for the construction of a hospital and shelter for the low-income population. The construction was completed in 1885.

The neo-classical style structure has a single nave and is organized around two identical interior patios. This arrangement still exists today, except for a second floor that was added to the southern half of the building in 1928. The southern façade is separated from the street by a fence and a patio. The most notable element of the structure is the portico entrance, marked by Tuscan pillars and three arches. Above this portico is a curved parapet with a rosette and the name of the institution. At both ends of the façade, two walkways with curved parapets emphasize the corners.

The rear of the structure remains in the original single-story configuration and repeats the pattern of rectangular openings with moldings and cornices in the upper part. A pediment with the date “1885” crowns the central space. The corners of the rear part of the building are curved, which is very uncommon for this style of architecture.

The Tricoche Hospital has been listed on the U.S. Department of the Interior’s National Register of Historic Places since 1987. It is currently not in use.

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Original source: Catalog of Properties, National Register of Historic Sites, State Office of Historic Conservation, Office of the Governor, 1995.

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Published: September 08, 2014.

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