Cover Puerto Rico en el mundo

Cover Puerto Rico en el mundo

From the Executive Director

Reflections on Puerto Rico in the World is the second project in the Puerto Rico Endowment for the Humani­ties” We the People series. The works in this series have been compiled in a magazine-style publication. As in the first proj­ect in the series, these pages offer a collection of perspec­tives on issues and events of key importance for the Puerto Rico of today.

The Spanish texts, translated to English, reflect a diversity of ideas being explored in Puerto Rico as well as in the United States, Latin America and Eu­rope. These ideas help us understand our reality. The writer`s interpretation of our times – discussing for example topics as urbanization, demo­graphics, crime, and globaliza­tion – shed light on the historic, social and cultural crossroad we find ourselves in at the begin­ning of the 21st century. We recognize the valuable work done by the Center for Public Policy Research of the Rafael Hernán­dez Colón Gubernatorial Library Foundation in the production, editing, and design of this pub­lication. These essays will also be included in the Puerto Rico On-line Encyclopedia of the Fundación Puertorriqueña de las Humanidades.

It”`s said that the students in our schools have limited knowledge of the history of Puerto Rico. This unfortunate deficiency explains, to a great degree, why our population is typically undiscerning about the events, trends and ideas that constitute our history and its place in the world, including our century-long relationship with the history of the United States. This project intends to overcome this limitation every time it invites the reader to re­flect on our development.

In 2007, the Puerto Rico Endowment for the Humanities celebrates 30 years of constant work in support of the ideas and values of the humanities. With this collection of articles, we aim to nourish the under­standing of the relationship between Puerto Ricans and their surroundings. To paraphrase one of our founders and a for­mer Executive Director of the Endowment, historian Arturo Morales Carrión, our purpose is to enable anyone interested in Puerto Rico to understand the interrelated factors that make up our history, thanks to a spirit of free thinking that penetrates the mists of the future.

We are grateful for the sup­port of the National Endow­ment for the Humanities and its We the People program for permitting the realization of this project. We trust that new reflections will arise from its reading.

Juan M. González Lamela, Ed.D. Executive Director
Puerto Rico Endowment for the Humanities






Author: Juan González Lamela
Published: June 27, 2008.

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