Daniel Lind

Daniel Lind

One of the most emblematic Puerto Rican painters of contemporary Antillean art. His artwork has drawn emotional responses both on the island and at the international level. The human figure, especially the feminine, is a metaphor in the conception of his works. Since he began following his own path in painting in the 1970s, his intuitive sense of abstraction and his command of technique in that direction have honed his skills.

Lind Ramos was born in 1953 in Loíza, a coastal town in Puerto Rico. He studied painting at the University of Puerto Rico in 1975 and in 1980 he completed his master’s of art degree at New York University. He was the first artist to receive the Arana Foundation scholarship, which allowed him to study in Paris, France, in 1989. During his time in Paris, he studied under Antonio Seguí.

Among the many prizes he has received are the Primer Premio en el Salón Internacional Val D’or de Hyeres, in southern France (1990) and the Premio de Delegación del Salón Internacional de Plástica Latina in Meillant,France (2000). He has won first prize in important contests in Puerto Rico and has had dozens of individual exhibitions and countless collective exhibitions in Puerto Rico, France, the Dominican Republic and the United States.

Lind is known for the artistic genius of his figurative lines. His precise understanding of the human physique and an imperative need to evoke feminine carnality, which he treats with reverence, can be seen in his work. His works are full of movement through undulations of black bodies that are sometimes massive and voluminous and sometimes flat. His works show a clear tendency toward bringing out elements of Afro-Antillean daily life. According to Puerto Rican critics, his polychromatic approach makes the entire work erotic as he searches for a new Caribbean harmony.

The sensuality of his brushstrokes is infused with rigorously chosen colors that work not only with the space, but also psychology. He creates sweaty bodies through textural porosity that make an impact by celebrating the rediscovery of the body and its rituals that captivate. His formal, chromatic and textural virtuosity openly contrast with his current generalized tendency to create a work rapidly. Lind works with a “workmanlike perseverance,” however, in which he pays homage to patience and to his family and religious ancestors.

He has participated in the World Festival of Black Culture and Arts in Dakar, Senegal, where he represented the black Puerto Rican and Afro-Antillean branch that defines our culture. His works cover topics that range from religious to musical, showing the syncretism that defines Caribbeanculture. The exhibition “Viaje a la fertilidad,” a complete and representative sample, honored his appointment as Artist in Residence at the University of Puerto Rico in Humacao, where he still works in the Humanities Department.

Author: Dalila Rodríguez
Published: September 03, 2014.

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