Arcelay de la Rosa, María Luisa

Arcelay de la Rosa, María Luisa María Luisa Arcelay spoke out for the rights of Puerto Rican women there and in New York, and founded a civic and cultural club for women in Mayagüez. In 1932 -- the same year "literate women were allowed to vote" in Puerto Rico -- Arcelay was elected the 1st [...]

Baldorioty de Castro, Román

Baldorioty de Castro, Román Román Baldorioty de Castro: Founded the Puerto Rican Autonomist Party. (Library of Congress) Educator, orator, writer and political figure who worked for autonomy for Puerto Rico and the abolition of slavery. He was a member of the Liberal Reformist Party, which he represented as a deputy in the Court of Cádiz. [...]

Barbosa Alcalá, José Celso

José Celso Barbosa House-Museum José Celso Barbosa José Celso Barbosa was a physician and political leader known as the father of statehood in Puerto Rico. During the Spanish era, he was part of the republican branch of the autonomists, and after the change of sovereignty, he supported the idea of Puerto Rico becoming one of [...]

Concepción de Gracia, Gilberto

Concepción de Gracia, Gilberto Gilberto Concepción de Gracia Lawyer and political leader. In 1947, he founded the Puerto Rican Independence Party and he was elected to the Puerto Rico Senate in 1952 and 1956 under the party’s banner. He served as defense lawyer for nationalist leader Pedro Albizu Campos and was known for his efforts [...]

Córdova Dávila, Félix

Córdova Dávila, Félix Félix Córdova Dávila Lawyer, jurist and the second Resident Commissioner in the House of Representatives in Washington. Félix Córdova Dávila was born in Vega Baja on November 20, 1878, the son of Lope Córdova Y Thibault and María Concepción Dávila Dávila. After he was left an orphan, he went to Jayuya, where [...]

Degetau González, Federico

Degetau González, Federico Quinta Rosacruz Federico Degetau was a lawyer and writer who were mainly known for his short stories and his educational and moralistic essays. He was also an outstanding political leader who was active first in the Autonomist Party and later in the Republican Party. During the autonomous government, he was a deputy [...]

Fernández Juncos, Manuel

Fernández Juncos, Manuel Manuel Fernández Juncos Asturian by birth and Puerto Rican by adoption, he was a journalist, a man of literature, an educator and a political leader. His poetry was mainly Romantic in nature and his stories celebrated traditional customs. His political ideals followed the conservative line of autonomist thinking. He was Secretary of [...]

Iglesias Pantín, Santiago

Iglesias Pantín, Santiago El Porvenir Social, December 3, 1898 Santiago Iglesias was Spanish-born labor and organizer leader. He was one of the founders of the first Puerto Rican Socialist Party. Because of his annexationist convictions, he worked for union between Puerto Rico and the United States. He was elected to the Puerto Rico Senate while [...]

Matienzo Cintrón, Rosendo

Matienzo Cintrón, Rosendo Periódico La araña (1902) Lawyer, politician, orator and essayist. He participated in the autonomous movement on the island during Spanish rule. With the change of sovereignty that took place in Puerto Rico as a result of the Spanish-American War, he defended the republican cause and the new United States government, which promised [...]

Piñero Jiménez, Jesús T.

Piñero Jiménez, Jesús T. Jesús T. Piñero bronze sculpture First Puerto Rican governor of the island. He was appointed by United States President Harry Truman. Previously, he had served as resident commissioner in Washington under the Popular Democratic Party, of which he was a founding member. He was born in Carolina on April 16, 1897. [...]