Braulio Castillo

Braulio Castillo

Actor in the theater, movies and television whose talent was recognized in Puerto Rico and Latin America.

He was born in Bayamón on March 30, 1933. He moved with his family to San Juan, where he studied in various schools, including the Madame Luchetti School, the Rafael M. Labra High School and Central High. Later, he entered the University of Puerto Rico, where he completed his bachelor in Fine Arts, with a specialization in acting. He later continued his studies in Pasadena, California.

Upon returning to Puerto Rico, he worked at the government television station, WIPR. He later signed a contract with the Telemundo station, WKAQ. By the mid-1960s, he was part of the cast of the television comedy Casos y cosas de casa, along with Puerto Rican actresses Lillian Hurst and Alicia Moreda.

Castillo participated in numerous local television series, among the most notable of which were El derecho de nacer and La mujer de aquella noche. In 1969, he moved to Peru to perform alongside Peruvian actress Saby Kamalich in the television series Simplemente María, a production of Panamericana de Televisión. He also performed in productions by the company Televisa.

His movie career began in 1959, when he starred alongside Lucy Boscana in the Puerto Rican film Intolerancia. He acted in 25 Puerto Rican and Latin American films, including Juicio de un ángel (1960), Lamento borincano (1961), Tres puertorriqueñas y un deseo (1961), Harbor Lights (1963), Más allá del Capitolio (1963) and Bello amanecer (1964). He ensured his international fame in three Latin American films: El cielo y tú (México, 1971), the film version of the popular television series Simplemente María (Argentina, 1972) and, his final film, Renzo el gitano (México, 1973).

During the filming of El cielo y tú, he suffered an accident that caused a brain injury that forced him to retire from public life just when his career was peaking.

In addition to his work in the performing arts, he also was involved in poetry. As a reader, he recorded various records such as El rosarioPara todas las madres del mundo, De Braulio Castillo a losenamorados, Renzo el gitano and La Biblia. Two of his sons, Braulio and Jorge, followed his footsteps and entered acting.


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Published: September 12, 2014.

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