José Gautier Benítez School

José Gautier Benítez School

José Gautier Benítez High School, located in the municipality of Caguas, was one of a group of schools built in the early 20th century as part of the educational program developed by the United States government.

The United States Department of the Interior was in charge of the design and construction of the facility, which dates to 1924. The building is a two-story, neo-classical style structure. Its long façade is adorned with large Tuscan pillars, and at the ends are two pavilions, where the majority of the classrooms are located.

The central hall is defined by an Ionic portico with two towers. This combination of a portico and towers alludes to the west-works architectural style, which is a common characteristic of the traditional churches on the island, and which adds an elegance and seriousness to the structure.

Until World War II, the school served as a regional educational center for five municipalities. The first class graduated in 1926. In 1936, the eastern wing was remodeled to provide a room for offering arts and sciences courses.

In 1988, it was listed on the National Register of Historic Places and today it is still a high school.

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Original source: Catalog of Properties, National Register of Historic Sites, State Office of Historic Conservation, Office of the Governor, 1995.

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Published: January 08, 2010.

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