Dulce de Nombre de Jesús Cathedral

Dulce de Nombre de Jesús Cathedral

The Dulce Nombre de Jesús Cathedral, located in the municipality of Caguas, is one of the five Catholic cathedrals in Puerto Rico.

Two churches were established in the Caguas region, known as the Turabo Valley, in the 15th century: the Dulce Nombre de Jesús del Piñal Chapel, located on the banks of the Grande de Loíza River, and the San Sebastián del Barrero Church, under the jurisdiction of the other.

The Dulce Nombre de Jesús Chapel suffered serious damage from the passage of Hurricane San Leoncio in 1738. Because of that, in 1774 the structure of the San Sebastián de Barrero Church was expanded to move the Dulce Nombre de Jesús to that site.

The structure deteriorated over the years, so a new church was built on the same site and was inaugurated in 1830. The façade of the church displayed a single tower with a bell, an entrance with a semi-circular shape and two windows on the sides.

After the passage of Hurricane San Felipe in 1928, the structure was left in poor condition. It was renovated and re-inaugurated in 1930. This time, it was more spacious than before, with two towers, a bell in the northern tower, and three double doors that opened onto the public plaza. Two windows with stained glass were incorporated into the sides, in the form of a large circle surrounded by twelve smaller circles. In the interior are three altars, with the larger one in the rear and the other two along the sides.

In 1965, the church was made a cathedral with the designation of Monsignor Rafael Grovas Félix as the first bishop of the Caguas Diocese. The remains of the beatified Caguas native Carlos Manuel Rodríguez are found in one of the altars of the temple.

Adapted by the PROE Editorial Group
Original source: Reseña Histórica de la Catedral Dulce Nombre de Jesús, by Juan David Hernández, Caguas Municipal Historian
Web site of the Autonomous Municipality of Caguas

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Published: September 17, 2014.

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