Editorial Team and Guidelines for Writers

Publications need an editorial team that identifies the content needs for the publication, issue requests to publish articles related to these needs, watches the quality and consistency of the material to be published, and keeps its contents up to date through periodic revisions.

FPH (acronym in Spanish) Personnel

Margarita Benítez – Director and General Manager
Sonya Canetti
Suheily Chaparro
Natcha Aponte
Carmen Oquendo

Current Contributors

Lance Oliver
María Amapola Caballero

Founding Committee

Amaury Boscio
Evelyn Vázquez
María Dolores Luque
Ivonne Acosta
Juan M. González Lamela
Luis Edgardo Díaz
Luis González Vales
Mercedes Casablanca
Pedro Mombille

Guidelines for Authors

The Puerto Rico On-line Encyclopedia (PROE) has prepared guidelines to provide help to those interested in submitting an article for possible publication, as well as to promote uniformity and consistency in the proposed articles. Publication of submitted items will be the sole discretion of the Encyclopedia of Puerto Rico Editorial Board.

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